Welcome To Stephanie Saliba’s Blog!

Hey there! My name is Stephanie Saliba, and welcome to my blog.

Many of you may know me from Aghani Aghani on MTV, but through this blog you will see my other side, this online diary will be my microphone away from the cameras.

Stephanie Saliba on Aghani Aghani MTV Lebanon


I’ve always been passionate about books, fashion and a particular lifestyle, and wanting to reach as many people as I can, and being the social media freak that I am, came the idea of this blog.

Stephanie Saliba


Here you will find book reviews that will help you choose the next book to read over coffee, fashion tips for dos and don’ts, new trends that you should try and others that you shouldn’t feel pressured to follow, and guidelines to a lifestyle full of personal development, positive thinking and motivation. Stay tuned for weekly blogs that may come of help in our day to day life, and leave you with something to think about throughout the day.

Stephanie Saliba


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My official Blog: www.stephaniesaliba.com



6 thoughts on “Welcome To Stephanie Saliba’s Blog!”

  1. Hey steph congratulationa for this new blog, surely ur a social media freak every single human on this planet knows who u are and is standing next to through ur career, i just wish u the best for ur continuous work and hope that u succeed in ur life with everything,may god bless u ya ahla steph bil 3alam.
    Rizkallah G. Chamoun

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