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Stephanie Saliba At BIAF 2014

I had the honor to be invited to the event of the year: BIAF 2014; which is a unique festival that introduces distinguished personalities and figures that have had a special and unique mark in communities and fields all over the world.

I was so excited to be part of such an important event, but it was just my luck that it happened to be on the same night that I had an episode of Aghani Aghani on MTV Lebanon, but that was certainly not going to stop me. I wrapped up the episode and went in a hurry to the dressing room and got myself ready and headed straight to Zaytuna Bay where the event was held in the heart of Downtown.

Stephanie Saliba at BIAF 2014

I cloned myself or appeared from nowhere, no one expected me to juggle both work and the event but yet I did it, I felt a certain satisfaction to have been able to achieve that “mission impossible”.

For such a marvelous event, the dress was to be chosen with care, that is why I went with a classy long backless dress, that complimented my body perfectly to make it sexy and attractive. I chose the daring red color with a matching shiny golden Louboutin shoes. I’m a big fan of keeping things natural no matter the event, so I had light makeup and natural hair.


A wide media & PR campaign was carefully selected for the festival and a royal reception was held for the honorees who attended the event, including the red carpet that was nothing less than the ones held in international festivals with full interviews and interaction with the journalists , plus the wall of fame for pictures to be taken in a neat matter.

I was so astonished with the attention to details and the whole organizing of the event, I loved how everything went according to plan.

Stephanie Saliba at BIAF 2014

What is special about BIAF is shedding light on people who are behind the scenes, like directors rather than just actors, composers rather than singers, and producers rather than presenters. I caught myself getting emotional seeing everyone feeling appreciated for their hard work, which I see as a necessity for progress in any field.

This night was such a roller coaster but definitely worth it.


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Stephanie Saliba’s 11Must Haves In Your Beach Bag

Stephanie Saliba

1. Mirror; it might be the most “borrowed item” between girls so why always borrow it? Bring your own!


2. Deodorant, body and face splash; some forget how sweaty you might get at the pool so don’t forget these essentials to stay fresh all day and it is sexy to have your own fragrance.

3. Hair oil spray; Hair needs protection too! While you are busy making sure you have sun screen on; don’t forget your hair oil to protect your hair from harmful sunlight plus it’s a perfectly free “baind’huile” session.


4. Shaving kit; you never know! Sometimes when you get to the pool you discover that you missed a spot, so keep that kit with you in case of emergencies.


5. Hair brush; borrowing the hair brush from your girlfriends may transfer lice or dandruff so it is best to be avoided.

6. Water proof mobile cover; since our cellphone is the most precious item we have nowadays, and our best friend, we need to pamper it, keep it safe 😉

7. Beach pillow; ideal for people suffering from back and neck pain and it keeps you comfortable while tanning for long hours.


8. Glasses cleaning cloth;on the beach sun glasses get sticky because of oil and sun screens. To keep it clean wipe it with the cloth or use the special spray for extra care.


 9. Small fresh towel for the face; you don’t want to dry your face with your big beach towel that is often all covered in oil.

10. Sun screen; with UV rays becoming dangerous better not go to the beach without protection. Try to find sun screens of skin color or tinted and avoid white mask sunscreens making you look like a beach ghost.You can find it now in compact powder too.


11. Magazine/book; if you are going to the beach in a relaxing/tanning purpose, a good book or interesting magazine would be the perfect companion


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