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The Story behind my fairytale dress

One of my close friends asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said yes!

The search for a dress Began. She had a royal wedding so the first thing I thought of was a light Disney inspired dress that reflects magic and romance.

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I decided to step away from the typical bridesmaid gowns, to feel like I’m an extra piece of art to the couple’s beautiful wedding, I wanted to be the fairy blessing their marriage

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I went on with my research and met with my designer Elio Abou Faysal and quickly started brainstorming. I wanted to make sure that it is original in terms of fabric and design.


Fashion is a combination of many elements that come together to create a spectacular piece of art. When designing my bridesmaid dress I chose to infuse in it Cinderella inspired elements. Every fashionista needs a muse, and today my muse is the famous Cinderella princess. This magic of this fairytale story is overwhelming and that is why it is every little girl dream to wear a Cinderella blue gown.

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I went with long sleeves since there was a long cut in the skirt. We decided on the blue/gray color, a not so popular color to keep the uniqueness factor. As for the fabric we chose the “dentelle” to add classiness and “tule” for the volume and fairy tale look I was aiming for.


Such a dress isn’t complete unless we add some brodery. Picked blue pearls and a bit of “Swarovski” instead of “strass” to go with the pale fabric and give it a smooth shining theme.


When I wore the dress I felt like a princess, a feeling that every girl should feel at least once in a lifetime.

I achieved one of my childhood dream dresses, and felt like walking in my own master piece.

“This is more than just a dress for me that is why I felt like sharing the experience and the steps towards making this gown”

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