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Hosting World’sNext Top Model 2014 On MTV

I was chosen by MTV Lebanon to host the biggest event in the region honoring outstanding models from around the world and that is MTV’s World’sNext Top Model 2014.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays hosting World’s Next top Model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The preparations for the hosting started with meeting the girls and the jury a few days before the show. Also pacing the MTV stage to get familiar. I always want to be comfortable with the surroundings on stage to be able to be spontaneous and myself during the show, owning the stage was a must because there was no room for error.

Stephanie Saliba Hosting World’s Next top model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The event was amazing, full of excitement and suspense. In such a big and carefully organized event, there are sponsors that dress the competitors and also the hosts, but as usual I preferred to dress myself which was a decision fully supported by MTV producers knowing my style and fashion sense that shows in AghaniAghani and previous events.


The dress was not easy to choose, I had to be careful to choose something decent that will not trigger the audience and respect TV’s dos and don’ts being the face of MTV for this event.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays presenting World’s Next top model 2014

It was a challenge to pick the dress, I had to go with something attractive but not provocative, sexy but not offensive, something elegant and classy, controversial enough to be noticed and draw attention but not overshadow the event.


I finally decided on a safe black dress that has a high neck line, with black dentelle, I added a tulle to amplify the princess aspect of the dress also to add movement and volume. I wore golden close Louboutin shoes that went along perfectly. I kept a natural makeup with nude lips and my hair was in a lift hairdo.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays Hosting World’s Next Top Model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The hosting with Kays went smoothly, chemistry and comfort were obvious. I received many positive reviews complimenting my dress and my handling of the event. I felt proud to have handled this challenge with ease on a fashion level and professional level, it was such a fruitful experience.

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