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Spring Hair Inspiration

Spring is finally here & I’m in desperate need for some hair inspiration.After flicking though the catwalk looks of Paris Fashion Week, here are some trends for this Spring/Summer Season:


Boho waves
Let your natural waves shine through by brud hair and leaving to dry naturally.


Long tails
A simple slicked ponytail is a timeless classic. Finish with a high shine hairspray or pomade for a fashion forward look.image

A side braid is a hair hit & timeless classics.

imageBig bunsimage
Pull wet hair back into an undone bun and spray into place for an effortless chic finish.


Out of the water
Are you brave enough to pull off the wet look? It’s all about confidence – so make sure you have it.
Styling when wet and adding a gel-based product really gives this style a chic finish.

Bombshell Blowout
A glamorous blow-dry is so timeless. Separate some curls from the sides and gently brush out, before setting with a light hairspray.

Get your feet into This Spring Style 😉


Ladies, it’s time to get comfortable. Roll up those jeans and get your feet into this spring style.
Praise The Lord & the hot new trend of high tops!🙏
The iconic shoe has hit the runways & streets this Spring with many fashionistas who have slipped into a pair or two over the past few weeks 👟👞.

imageFinally a trend that makes sense! A shoe that promotes form and function to match happily together while you roll in style through your day. 😀Available in all Pantone colors from pastels to neon brights, all combined with playful prints or rocked-out studs – there’s a pair to suit your every outfit.


The Pearl Chanel bag

image image image
Retro never seems to go out of Fashion, for it always found a way back into a piece.
I introduce to you the bag of a lifetime , the new Chanel pearl bag. The beige surface is delicately decorated with small white pearls resulting in a modern parade of chic and glamorous. As they say, collecting handbags, when done well, can be considered an art form, and in the case of this pearl bag, it sure is!!!!

The “White Blazer”

I’m in love ❤️ with crisp white blazers,
There is something about them that screams Chic Classy Sophistication and the best thing is that you can dress them up or down. Whether they’re over sized,long short, fitted they look good with everything.

With just one simple white blazer over my dress I turned a flirty Casual look into a Work-appropriate ensemble & vice versa.

As i spend a lot of time in high heels 👠 at work I like to change sometimes when on camera. So I wore a pair of black leather nike’s which are comfortable yet stylish,
Who said that Running shoes 👟 are limited to the Gym ?!!

MTV Lebanon
MTV Lebanon