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The Secret behind your Glowing Foundation ?!

As I try to balance my Hectic schedule at work, I demand from any make up product to be a part of my skin care routine as well. Being exposed to camera lights 24/7 I desperately need a silicon-free product that reduces the oxidation & retains the moisture of my skin. When I found out about the ingredients and the concept of Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, I knew I must try it 😶.
Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is a hybrid between a Skincare and Makeup due to the patented Tom Ford Infusing Complex. The Complex enriches skin with a combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms. The skin is left looking renewed and smooth.😁

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer contains ultra fine micro shimmer that gives a healthy glow if used alone. There are several ways to use it:

1. As a moisturizer after a hydrating toner to seal the moisture of the skin.

Great as Skincare
Great as Skincare
Perfect in your purse 😉
Perfect in your purse 😉

2.As an illuminator, underneath foundation. After moisturizing my skin, I apply Illuminating Primer on my cheekbones, under the brown bones, cupid bow, and chin and blend lightly with a beauty blender sponge . Then I apply foundation on top of the primer as usual. That way I achieve the inner glow effect. It’s great for very natural healthy looking skin.💫

3. I like to apply a small amount all over the face to give a subtle glow to my skin.💥

image4. Don’t forget to mix the primer with the foundation. It will blend perfectly & increase the glow for the foundation.👍

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer helps prevent oxidation. In order to minimize oxidation I apply an oil-free foundation on a well-moisturized skin. The primer serves as a barrier between my skin sebum and the foundation.
Evwen though it’s a bit pricey, the packaging is so convenient, compact and chic. It’s perfect for on the go and looks so elegant in my purse👸. I’m obsessed! I’m using it everyday 😁.
It’s a luxe product for your makeup👌. If you have dry, normal or combination skin, you will love it for all over your face. Ladies whose skin is oily might use it to highlight certain areas only.

Have you tried Tom Ford Illuminating Primer? What other primers would you recommend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

On a rainy day ,,,, Do Homemade Mask !!

Even though it’s a 17c in Beirut, my skin still gets dry during in winter🌀❄️. So once in a while, I like to use this homemade mask to keep my skin soft & HYDRATED! Don’t forget to take notes so you can always use this mask on a rainy day like today.

1 egg white
1/4 avocadoimage
1 tsp plain yogurt

Step 1
Take a ripe avocado for this mask as it’s easier to work with. Using a table spoon, scoop out the avocado. 1/4 of an avocado is enough for 1 person, but you can double the amount if you’re doing it with your mom or bestie.

Step 2
Using a spoon, blend the avocado until it becomes smootimageh & creamy.

Step 3

Separate the egg white from the yolk & add it to the mixture. Egg whites are high in protein and are not only great for nourishing your body but your skin as well.

Step 4
Plain yogurt is great for your skin. It has acids that can smooth and fight discoloration. Add a tablespoon to your avocado mask to not only profit from the benefits of yogurt but to give your mask a smoother texture.

Step 5
Mix everything well!


Chanel Hat

Chanel Boutique
Chanel Boutique

I couldn’t resist Not Trying this new Chanel Hat !! Hats are the statement piece of the season ,,,,

Remaking this Bold look is simple, find the perfect Hat 🙂 keep it all bold black.

incorporate a color into the mix is essential by using only a single item with a pop of color such as the scarf I am wearing and keeping the rest all black , brown or navy ,,,,

Little Red Dress

Winter is already dreary and grey enough as it is ! As much as there is love for a classic all-black ensemble, adding bright pops of color will keep your spirit high during the season’s coldest months.
Since Red is the color of love and Valentine’s is only days away,for yesterday’s show I wore red,to balance such a bright hue I paired it with classic suede Louboutin

Fight Breast Cancer with color….

A pop of color isn’t just great for your closet, it’s a smart strategy for your plate too!!!!
Women who ate more carrots, spinach, pepper , and garlic have found to reduce their cancer risk by more than 20 percent. Salmon and berries should also be added to your plate at least twice a week.
unnamed (3) unnamed (4)
Today’s topic may be far from fashion but it’s a sad reality that we are hearing about everyday. It’s reaching people we love and whom are close to us, therefore raising awareness became a must. Eat more healthy , exercise more, do you yearly checkup and these tiny changes will slash your cancer risk by half.

Everyday is Red….

   Life is too short so put on your red Chanel (a Samoa lipstick will also do the job ;)) and start your day with a touch of glamor and power. Make red not only your date for clubs and weddings, but also your best friend for lunches, brunches and daily occasions.
  When red lipstick was first launched it was worn for lunches and daily events and rarely ( I emphasize on rarely ) for dinners!
Stephanie Saliba
Take Time to choose your perfect red . Usually when you buy a red over the counter they always tend to give you the flashy famous red and it may not suit you. Choose a shade of red that suits not only your skin tone but also your hair color, your eyes and your overall outfit. Yes, red lipstick is not a black dress, you can go wrong with it and end up looking like a clown .Therefore, contour is not old fashion, use a red color one to mark your lips then apply your Matt lipstick.
Stephanie Saliba
  My red lipstick for this season is dark red, I am currently using my Mac viva glam which is a moderate red shade, not very dark and not so bright that gives a perfect warm winter look.
Go red #empowered #touchofglamour #confident #musthaveinyourbag

A natural Blonde to dye for….

For a natural blonde , my answer is three words: Take baby steps.
If your hair is cocoa colored like most Lebanese women it’s going to take a lot to get to Marilyn Monroe golden blonde.
Stephanie Saliba
So to begin with, It’s best to make small adjustments for your hair to adapt: Choose a shade brighter then your color by a degree, go for low light, baby-lights, pastel hues, bronde (brown blonde) sombre or ombré .
Stephanie Saliba
Because trust me, jumping from Angelina Jolie to lady gaga is not easy. Besides having to let go of brad Pitt and thickening your eyeliner your hair will look like a wig.
Stephanie Saliba
You need to give yourself and the people around you time to accept your new blond version .
Moreover when it comes to hair Dying , I have this huge slogan in my head that says “kids don’t try this at home” . Choose a reputable salon that uses good quality products .Add to that,  A week before dying it ,you should use a clarifying shampoo to remove oils and build ups that interfere with the dying.  Blonde is tricky and yes you can become miss orange head in just few minutes. ( we’ve all been there and we definitely spent too much tears on it) .
Stephanie Salilba
Marilyn Saliba
My advice for the season is go for warm blonde, either ombré or strawberry blonde. Yes “California style” ombré has been the hit trend for more then three years now but It’s still my favorite.What’s best then keeping your natural root color while embracing light for the rest of your hair ?
Stephanie Salilba





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Les exclusives de Channel by Stephanie Saliba : What is your fragrance?

Since all fragrance brands are going for a private and exclusive collection especially after the great success of the Tom Ford collection, as a woman I‘m having difficulties in choosing the right perfume for me between them all. Not to mention that these perfumes are a bit expensive so choosing the wrong one is not an option. So here is a small guide for you girls out there to help you choose the right Channel perfume for you!

Stephy et chanel
Stephanie Saliba


Chanel Coromandel
A wintery perfume that fits the ladies who like heavy, strong and long lasting fragrance, touch of oriental breath, and the smell just gets better and better through the day. It’s mine and my friend Jess’ favorite!

Coromandel Chanel

Chanel Sycamore
Woody, it’s known as a noble fragrance , this perfume is elegant, luxurious and powerful. It’s made for classy women, not anyone can pull it off.

Sycomore Chanel 1 Sycomore Chanel
 Chanel Jersey
Used to be a masculine fragrance worn by sailors but Mlle Chanel transformed it into a sophisticated feminine perfume. If you like lavender and musk, it’s the fragrance for you!

Jersey Chanel

 Chanel Gardenia
Recommended for summer time, fresh and you feel like you are in the middle of a garden full of white flowers when wearing it If you are a romantic and dreamy woman, try it!

Gardenia Chanel

 Chanel Beige
Natural yet not an ordinary perfume, you might think it’s simple at first but it hides a stunning blend of mystery. Are you natural yet mysterious lady? It’s your fragrance.

Beige Chanel
Chanel Eau de cologne
Refreshing, casual and fashionable even though it has been around since the 18th century. It’s a fruity fragrance with a light floral sensation. You can smell the citrus fruit unmistakably.

Eau de cologne Chanel Paris
A bouquet of these chosen fragrances would be a perfect gift for a “Chanel Lady”, you can find it in 2 sizes at 160$
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My Midi Cloche Skirt

One Of the must haves for this Spring-Summer season is the “cloche skirt”. I made this skirt with a weird fabric mixing between satin and tafta, giving it a distinguished shiny and fluffy aspect. It is a mix between cold and warm colors making it match with all kinds of accessories.

It reflects the color of the top that you are wearing and making it possible to have a whole different outfit just by changing your top. This skirt suits all types of bodies, but make sure to wear a slim fit top to highlight the waist and show the cloche effect, and I advise to stay away from the flats.

3 4

It is casual, sexy and elegant, dare to wear it even if you have a very practical life, since it is comfy and it doesn’t need a special occasion




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Hosting World’sNext Top Model 2014 On MTV

I was chosen by MTV Lebanon to host the biggest event in the region honoring outstanding models from around the world and that is MTV’s World’sNext Top Model 2014.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays hosting World’s Next top Model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The preparations for the hosting started with meeting the girls and the jury a few days before the show. Also pacing the MTV stage to get familiar. I always want to be comfortable with the surroundings on stage to be able to be spontaneous and myself during the show, owning the stage was a must because there was no room for error.

Stephanie Saliba Hosting World’s Next top model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The event was amazing, full of excitement and suspense. In such a big and carefully organized event, there are sponsors that dress the competitors and also the hosts, but as usual I preferred to dress myself which was a decision fully supported by MTV producers knowing my style and fashion sense that shows in AghaniAghani and previous events.


The dress was not easy to choose, I had to be careful to choose something decent that will not trigger the audience and respect TV’s dos and don’ts being the face of MTV for this event.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays presenting World’s Next top model 2014

It was a challenge to pick the dress, I had to go with something attractive but not provocative, sexy but not offensive, something elegant and classy, controversial enough to be noticed and draw attention but not overshadow the event.


I finally decided on a safe black dress that has a high neck line, with black dentelle, I added a tulle to amplify the princess aspect of the dress also to add movement and volume. I wore golden close Louboutin shoes that went along perfectly. I kept a natural makeup with nude lips and my hair was in a lift hairdo.

Stephanie Saliba & Mohammad Kays Hosting World’s Next Top Model 2014 on MTV Lebanon


The hosting with Kays went smoothly, chemistry and comfort were obvious. I received many positive reviews complimenting my dress and my handling of the event. I felt proud to have handled this challenge with ease on a fashion level and professional level, it was such a fruitful experience.

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