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Hats 👒 are Back 😁

Hats are back & have made their way into everyone’s casual style. With many celebrities favoring fedoras or wide brim, Hat isdefinitely the “it” accessory of the Spring/Summer season👧.

I love Red Hats
I love Red Hats

I’m so excited for its return, but why did it disappear for so long?


👉According to the Wall Street Journal, “In the 1930s, ’40s, and parts of the ’50s, a man wasn’t considered fully dressed unless he had a hat on🎩. But by the 1960s, hat wearing fell off, partly as a result of longer hairstyles, cars with lower roofs and resistance from some World War II vets who didn’t want to wear things on their heads after wearing helmets for so long. John F. Kennedy’s habit of not wearing a hat was seen as the final blow for hat wearing”.

Dare to choose colourful Hats
Dare to choose colourful Hats
Chanel brim Hat
Chanel brim Hat

👉Thanks to celebrities, fashion designers & inspirational images of old Hollywood legends like Frank Sinatra & Audrey Hepburn the hat is back in fashion again👄.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style by adding new details such as Hat👒

I wore a gorgeous wide brim Chanel hat the other day & fell head over heels for this effortless chic detail 😍😍

Why I love Cross Bags…

Hello lovelies, I am sorry I have been off for a while, but I was so busy with a new project that I am preparing for…

IMG_7325“Must have Chanel cross body black bag for formal and casual occasions it would look really nice with a pair of jeans”

Today’s blog is about why I love cross-bags. I sort of always wanted to write about this topic and this season is absolutely the right time.


“Classic Yves Saint Laurent cross bag suitable for a party”

Cross-bags are the perfect accessory for hands free Christmas shopping. You don’t want to go shopping with a big bag that weights 10 kilos. I recently read an article on how women can actually use it’s heavy bag to do some training…but still, please let’s leave those triceps and biceps exercises for the gym. Cross-bags distribute the weight of the bag over all the body instead of centralizing it on one shoulder and causing back pains.

IMG_7329“Hermes Large cross body bag suitable for shopping, long trips or when traveling”

Moreover oversized bags are on my black list for short girls. If you’re short, I highly recommend small cross-bags that fit proportionally with your body.

Investing in a cross-bag is a wise decision. As shown by past trends, cross-bags fashion did not die out and will never do.


“Small Pink Dior cross bag for a date, or a drink with a girls and you can even wear it to the movies

Further more, cross-bags are the only bags you can buy in loud colors. Personally Most of my big bags are in pastel hue or black because imagine a big red bag!!! However a tiny cross-bag alongside your chest in red would be flawless. Chanel cross-bags in neon green were a hit this season.


“Sparkling Dior cross body bag this season’s latest trends”

So a cross bag is a must have in your closet. It could be worn casually or if going to a party. Cross bags are faultless if you are on a trip or attending a concert…on my last trip to Rome I couldn’t been more thankful for having a cross bag that fits under my coat on those long cold sightseeing walks….

IMG_7328“Hermes cross body medium bag suitable for any casual outing noting that it has enough space for your makeup kit 😉 “

A Furry Season!

Outerwear is one of the most important statement pieces in any wardrobe. But which trends will drive sales this season?
Through its visually distinctive properties and timeless appeal, fur is making a huge comeback in designer collections for Fall/Winter 2014-15.
While fur was introduced to fashion in the 1950s in form of long coats, today we find shorter jackets and funkier patterns of furs on the runway, in addition to the availability of fur in different colors and shapes 🙂
So make sure you have your dose of fur this season!!

Everyday is Red….

   Life is too short so put on your red Chanel (a Samoa lipstick will also do the job ;)) and start your day with a touch of glamor and power. Make red not only your date for clubs and weddings, but also your best friend for lunches, brunches and daily occasions.
  When red lipstick was first launched it was worn for lunches and daily events and rarely ( I emphasize on rarely ) for dinners!
Stephanie Saliba
Take Time to choose your perfect red . Usually when you buy a red over the counter they always tend to give you the flashy famous red and it may not suit you. Choose a shade of red that suits not only your skin tone but also your hair color, your eyes and your overall outfit. Yes, red lipstick is not a black dress, you can go wrong with it and end up looking like a clown .Therefore, contour is not old fashion, use a red color one to mark your lips then apply your Matt lipstick.
Stephanie Saliba
  My red lipstick for this season is dark red, I am currently using my Mac viva glam which is a moderate red shade, not very dark and not so bright that gives a perfect warm winter look.
Go red #empowered #touchofglamour #confident #musthaveinyourbag

Les exclusives de Channel by Stephanie Saliba : What is your fragrance?

Since all fragrance brands are going for a private and exclusive collection especially after the great success of the Tom Ford collection, as a woman I‘m having difficulties in choosing the right perfume for me between them all. Not to mention that these perfumes are a bit expensive so choosing the wrong one is not an option. So here is a small guide for you girls out there to help you choose the right Channel perfume for you!

Stephy et chanel
Stephanie Saliba


Chanel Coromandel
A wintery perfume that fits the ladies who like heavy, strong and long lasting fragrance, touch of oriental breath, and the smell just gets better and better through the day. It’s mine and my friend Jess’ favorite!

Coromandel Chanel

Chanel Sycamore
Woody, it’s known as a noble fragrance , this perfume is elegant, luxurious and powerful. It’s made for classy women, not anyone can pull it off.

Sycomore Chanel 1 Sycomore Chanel
 Chanel Jersey
Used to be a masculine fragrance worn by sailors but Mlle Chanel transformed it into a sophisticated feminine perfume. If you like lavender and musk, it’s the fragrance for you!

Jersey Chanel

 Chanel Gardenia
Recommended for summer time, fresh and you feel like you are in the middle of a garden full of white flowers when wearing it If you are a romantic and dreamy woman, try it!

Gardenia Chanel

 Chanel Beige
Natural yet not an ordinary perfume, you might think it’s simple at first but it hides a stunning blend of mystery. Are you natural yet mysterious lady? It’s your fragrance.

Beige Chanel
Chanel Eau de cologne
Refreshing, casual and fashionable even though it has been around since the 18th century. It’s a fruity fragrance with a light floral sensation. You can smell the citrus fruit unmistakably.

Eau de cologne Chanel Paris
A bouquet of these chosen fragrances would be a perfect gift for a “Chanel Lady”, you can find it in 2 sizes at 160$
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Stephanie Saliba’s Best of Paris fashion week Fall/Winter 2015

Elie Saab

With Elie Saab I feel that I am escaping in the couture fantasy. the Collection is inspired by the American Painter Mark Rotkho known by his abstract expressionist pieces.

Elie Saab’s collection is very sophisticated, but very soft at the same time, the autumn season focuses on sleek and sexy shapes intertwined with the house’s signature femininity.

Elie Saab 1
Elie Saab Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015
Elie Saab 1 (2)
Elie Saab Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


Giambattista Valli

When watching the runaway I felt so related to each & every piece of his work, I really couldn’t get enough!

Giambattista Valli, took on old Hollywood inspired dresses, the kind you would imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing. Flowers and light colors take us back to the 60’s fashion.

There were monkey-fur coats, floor-length capes over keyhole gowns and floral dresses sprouting three-dimensional blooms — and it all came with literal guides to the period in the form of turbans and goggle-eyed sunglasses.

He was able to keep it simple despite the weirdness of the combination.

Giambattista Valli 2 (2)
Giambattista Valli Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015
Giambattista Valli 2 (1)
Giambattista Valli Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad collection based on futuristic themes / geometric mosaics and prismatic waves/ topography of the female form  in the dresses which makes the female body prettier and met en relief female form.

Zuhair Mrad 3
Zuhair Murad Paris Fashion week fall winter 2015



Classic Chanel elegant coats with neatly seamed shoulders and neck-framing , and cocktail dresses with ornate mirrored frame; feathers and fringed tulle dripped like so much candle wax from hems; given a touch of the rococo with 24-karat embroidery.

As always with Mr. Lagerfield there were many combined ideas & skills as you can see in the white dress below.

Chanel 4 (1)
Chanel Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015
Chanel 4 (2)
Chanel Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


Chritian Dior

Christian Dior ‘s line was a mix between 18th century style and modern couture,with side hoops and embroidered masculin collars., it resembles to the ones wore at the times of Louis XIV.

Christian Dior with the new designer Ralph Siemens replacing John Gialliano made Christian Dior travel through history.

N.B.: Hand Bags one of Christian Dior’s biggest industries were noticeable absent.

Christian Dior 5 (1)
Christian Dior Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015
Christian Dior 5 (2)
Christian Dior Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015



Donatella Versace injected bad girl attitude for atelier Versace with the black color present in all of the fall-winter show, but she is the queen of Excess & might be too much for some; this collection would be considered for eccentric women.

Versage 6
Versace Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


Marco Zanini

Marco Zanini collection was very daring and artistic, it was full of bold mixes such as a caramel silk shirt paired with pastel pink trousers tightened by a green belt; critics coded this collection more mature & harmonious than last year’s. The designer Marco Zanini paid tribute to Elsa Schiaparelli with this recent collection.

Marco Zanini 7
Marco Zanini Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela couture took an artistic detour with a wild theme, mixing different patterns and styles.

Maison Martin 8
Maison Martin Margiela Paris Fashion week Fall Winter 2015


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