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Recently I got addicted to the fruit infused water as a part of my spring detox routine. I like to start my mornings with a glass of this magical fluid to kill the appetite & boost metabolism. This water is both delicious & healthy & you could easily make it at home. If you are a smoothie addict like me, try adding ice cubes to make it taste like a healthy frozen dessert.

Below are the few recipes you could try at home.image

1. Strawbimageerry + Mint + Waterimage

This is basically a virgin strawberry mojito. To make the strawberry ice cubes, simply blended strawberries and froze it in ice cube containers overnight. You could also add some mint leaves for green ice cubes. When served, add a few strawberry & mint to your water. Keep in mind that mint will add a bit of bitterness to your drink, so you don’t want too much greens.
2. Pineapple + Orange + Water
This is by far the most delicious one! Blend pinimageeapples & grated orange peels & then freeze. Along with the icecubes, add in a few orange slices for a sweet taste to your water!

3. Blueberry + Blackberry + Water
Berries are a great source of antioxidants so this is definitely a great way to maximize your health & metabolism by adding this to your water. You can also eat blueberries and blackberries while drinking your water. So just freeze them in the ice containers with the water & enjoy!

4. Lemon + Water

This is the queen of all fruit infused waters & very easy to do.easiest and most effortless to do. Either squeeze lemon juice into your water or just leave a lemon slice with the ice cubes.
Tip: as the ice cubes melt, the taste of your water gets better!

Which are you guys drinking this morning?