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Trend Alert: Color Blocking 🎱

Color Blocking has been in for a few seasons now & I like to play with this trend a little in front of the camera🎥

Different but ,,,, interesting
Different but ,,,, interesting
I added the Gloves for more glamour
I added the Gloves for more glamour

I wore this gorgeous Black and white patchwork dress 👌 that is so Versatile as you could wear it as a coat if you layer it over a knit dress on a chilly day like today⚡️☔️.
👉To make the look more exciting I add gloves with a different pattern but still in the same color palette & when I’m off work 😁I spice up this outfit with my color block Dior bag to add that pop of color while out on the town 😍.

5 Tips On How To Spend Your Money While Shopping

  1. When shopping think of “Investment”, most of us, and me included, often go shopping when bored, but usually end up with clothes that never leave the closet. Don’t buy a pair of jeans that are tight thinking that they will “loosen up” later on and then never wear them again, or a top that your friends liked but you weren’t comfortable in. Any item that you buy and not wear is a lost investment.


  1. Accessories: it’s no place for saving, the most common mistake is when people go for cheap accessories thinking that they are not as important as the clothes, however, quality accessories spice up the outfit and add glam. Make sure that your accessories are good quality so they don’t make your look tacky.
Stephanie Saliba Same golden chain in 4 different outfits


  1. Good basics are important, but with a specific budget, Don’t spend much money on basics like tees, since they wear out quickly; a trench coat and a pair of boots on the other hand, is something that will last. Spending time and money to find the perfect coat or the perfect blazer is worth it.



  1. Pick your designer items carefully!If you want to buy printed long/short dresses, tops, or shorts, there is no need to go for brands because they all look the same. If you’re going to have one designer item, make it your handbag or your shoes, a good handbag makes your whole outfit look better.



  1. Don’t be afraid of going all in on the shoes, bad shoes can strongly influence your image, as for cheap looking shoes can make your party dress look trashy. So wait for the sale if you have to, but buy the right shoes because no matter how expensive your dress is, cheap shoes will make it lose spark.
Stephanie Saliba in Louboutin shoes


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